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BRJ Technology Inc. was established by a group of experts in Oct of 2007,whose belong the professional in lead of Marketing、Research and Production。BRJ Technology Inc is focus on each high specialized products in providing,including each kind of Finish products、Semi-finished goods、Electronics components and Cable assembly。Nowadays we are keep to our best in developing various niche products for markets and customers。

    For consideration more and more electronics equipments may cause noise interference while people go along with in using,we are providing the solution at our Power Line EMI Filter。Our EMI Filter is suitable for various power source,including Single phase and Three phase type,the current rating from 1A to 1200A。All of serious of our EMI filter not only conforms to  specification at IEC60950、UL1283、C22.2 NO.8 and EN60939-2,but also get approved by CE certification。Further some of model is preparing and under UL petition。

    Besides BRJ have set a innovation department in Taiwan;for keep customer satisfy and guarantee our products,we take corporation with profession manufactures in China in order to reach fast delivery、best quality and reduce your cost! At the meanwhile,we are activity in make world-wide ODM / OEM business with USA、France、Germany、Canada、Korea、Japan、Singapore、Malaysia、India、Australia and Mainland China。

    As our implement and target-- Activity、Innovation and Service!
    We are always toward to the way in Double-Win or Tri-Win. We are expecting BRJ Technology not only provide you satisfied service but also the one in best relationship partner!    


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